The Best Large Yoga Mat for Your Home Studio

The Best Large Yoga Mat for Your Home Studio

June 11, 2018

Recently, we picked apart the features that a high-quality exercise mat needs to have. Let’s take a closer look at yoga mats.

Yoga mats are generally used for yoga, stretching, meditation and Pilates, as well as a variety of other barefoot exercises.  And did you know there are almost as many mats as there are yoga instructors?

But not all mats are created equal.

We’re going to explain the things you need to know before buying a yoga mat, so you can understand the value of having a great quality mat.


You Need Room to Move

The best yoga mats provide plenty of room for you to move during your session.  Many traditional mats only provide a narrow surface, and can be difficult when turning twisting your way through poses.

You need a mat that is wide enough to allow you to move freely.

Our Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mats come in two sizes: 7 x 5 feet and 9 x 6 feet to give you plenty of space for all of the moving around you do during your yoga sessions.

Check back soon as we are adding new sizes!


Comfort is Key

Yoga mats are a surface that is made to provide extra comfort when your elbows and knees come in contact with the floor.

A good yoga mat will provide a thick layer of material that provides comfort, no matter how long you can hold a plank pose.  

Gorilla Mats' yoga mats are 8 mm thick, which is much thicker than a traditional yoga mat. This thickness provides comfort even during the most challenging stretches and mat work.


Anti-Slip Backing Keeps You Posing Strong

While you’re practicing, you need a surface that will keep you from slipping and sliding across the floor.

Let’s face it, you just won’t feel safe on a mat that’s slipping and sliding everywhere. It’s important that your yoga mat has a non-slip surface on both sides.

Did we mention that Gorilla Mats for yoga have a unique circle design on the bottom that prevents them from slipping? You won’t find that on another mat.



Most yogis consider the environment to be very important. That’s why a great mat should be made of eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic.  High-density foam is safe for the environment and you and your space.

When your mat is made of safe materials, you are protecting yourself and your eco system.

You’ll love the non-toxic, environmentally friendly material. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for eco friendliness.


Long-Lasting Toughness

To hold up to sweaty, intense sessions, a quality yoga mat must be made of durable material. No one wants to experience their yoga mat falling apart in the middle of their workout.

Many yoga mats are made of an inexpensive PVC material that flakes, crumbles, and tears easily. Mats made of high-density foam materials will last through many uses.

Gorilla Mats are very durable that is comfortable and durable thanks to the cushion provided by its high-density foam.


"Sticky" Texture

The top of a great yoga mat should be sticky, so you can hold your pose without slipping.

While most mats are smooth and slippery, our yoga mats hold your feet and hands in place without restricting your move to the next pose.

The unique texture of a Gorilla Mat is perfect for any and every yoga position.


Easy to Clean

Many mats are made of material which is porous and absorbs sweat and germs. Yuck.

A high-density material with a slightly bumpy texture allows a mat to be wiped clean with soap and water which only takes a few minutes. 

An easy-to-clean mat smells great and looks great longer because it can be cleaned quickly and effectively.

Gorilla Mats have a smooth surface thanks to their 16P free foam material. Just use a wet towel and some dish soap to wipe your mat clean, and allow it to air dry.


Beautiful, Vibrant Colors

The best yoga mats come in vibrant colors but also colors that blend well with décor.

When you’re using a mat at home, choose a mat that adds a stylish touch to a room. Gorilla Mats come in three stylish colors that will look great in just about any space.

You’ll feel more positive when you choose a mat in a color that you like.


Extra Thick Workout Surface

When you’re in the middle of a challenging yoga or Pilates session, you want flooring that is up to the challenge.

Gorilla Mats' Premium Large Yoga mats are a great yoga surface. But if you want a little extra padding, you can place a Premium Large Exercise mat on top for an even more comfortable surface that doesn’t slip and slide while you move.

They’re also perfect for small studios and can multiple mats can be moved next to each other for groups and classes.


Take Them With You

A good yoga mat is portable and can be moved from room to room easily. They can also be stored when not in use.

Premium Large Yoga Mats include two sturdy Velcro straps that help you keep your mat rolled up and secure.

While our mats are a little heavier than their lightweight counterparts, they are still compact enough to be rolled up and stored under a bed.


They Are Guaranteed For Life

Our Premium Large Yoga Mats are guaranteed and backed with a lifetime warranty.

We think you should absolutely love your mat, and it’s important to know that if something happens to it, we’ve got your back.

This guarantee is hard to find with other mats, but we understand that you’re investing in your health when you order one of our high-quality mats.

If you’re not satisfied, then you can return it within 30 days, no questions asked.


Gorilla Mats: The Best Large Yoga Mat

Each of these features is important when it comes to choosing a yoga mat that holds up to your toughest yoga sessions.

Our mats are extra thick, ultra comfortable, eco-friendly, and easy to care for because we know you have other things to take care of besides your yoga mat.

With a Gorilla Mat, you can enjoy practicing poses while being gentle on your joints for a truly rewarding workout that leaves you feeling refreshed.

When you invest in a Gorilla Mat you’ll be getting a mat that will last through many workouts including yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and any other barefoot exercise you can think of.

Order a Gorilla Mat today for a more relaxing yoga session!

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