25 No-Equipment Exercises for Your Next Home Workout

25 No-Equipment Exercises for Your Next Home Workout

May 11, 2018

Bodyweight exercises can be done almost any time, anywhere. And they can often be more effective than going to the gym.

We’ve created a list of 25 equipment-free moves for you to try as part of your next workout. Whether you’re looking for cardio, legs, arms, or ab exercises, you can find them on this list.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at these moves!


Moves that get your heart pumping

Lateral Squat Shuffle

Squat Shuffle 1 Squat Shuffle 2

Sink your hips back into a mini squat. Then travel two steps to the right in a skipping motion, then shuffle to your left for two steps.

Make it Easier: Take two steps in each direction.

Make it Harder: Stay in a deep squat as you shuffle from side to side.



Burpees amplify your calorie burn by using lots of your largest muscle groups, such as your shoulders, quads, and glutes. Then step your feet back to start.


Jump Squats

Jump Squats

Lower into a basic squat with your weight in your heels. Then, Stand up out of the squat, and perform a small jump at the top of the movement. Land softly, and immediately lower into another squat.


Russian Kicks

Russian Kick 1

Sit on the floor with your hands directly behind your shoulders, hands facing out. Press through your heels and hands to lift your hips a few inches off the floor. Kick your right foot in the air, then your left, and repeat this motion as fast as you can.


Plank Jacks

Plank Jack 1 Plank Jack 2

Start out in an elbow or forearm plank with your feet together. Hop or step both feet apart, then hop or step both feet back together. Repeat.



Skater 1 Skater 2

Start in a shallow curtsey position, with your right leg at a diagonal behind your left leg. Bring your right leg out to the side with a quick step or hop and switch your left leg’s position back behind your right. Be sure your front knee and toes land in the same direction. Change sides again. Repeat.


Crab Walk

Crab Walk 1 Crab Walk 2

Start in tabletop position, with your hand slightly behind you and your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Step your right arm and leg to the side, then your left arm and leg. Reverse directions. Repeat.


High Knees

High Knees

This exercise is very simple, but when performed quickly, can provide a great cardio workout.

Run or march in place, bringing your knees to hip height. Complete for timed intervals.



Bowlers Bowlers Exercise

This low-impact exercise is a great addition to any workout.

Start with your right leg behind your left and a slight bend in your right knee. Bring your left heel up to meet your right hand and repeat.

Repeat on the other side.


Moves to Shape Lean Legs


Squats 1 Squats 2

This is perhaps one of the most functional exercises you can do in a workout. To perform the basic squat, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your weight on your heels. Sit back as if you're about to sit in a chair until your thighs are parallel or just below parallel to the floor.

Squeeze your glutes, and press through your heels to stand. If you’re a beginner, you can do shallow squats. Or, if you’re more advanced, you can go below parallel.


Split Squats

Split Squat 1 Split Squat 2

Stand in a split legged stance, with your feet hip-width apart and your weight in your front heel. Lower just as you would in a regular squat until your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Think of moving straight up and down, like an elevator.

Press through your front heel to stand. Repeat for reps and then complete a set on your other leg.

Make it Easier: Do shallow split squats.

Make it Harder: Do deeper split squats.


Around the World Lunges

 Around the World Lunges

Start out standing with your feet hip distance apart. Step your right leg in front of you into a front lunge. Press through your heel to return to start. Then do a side lunge, a reverse lunge, and then a curtsey lunge. Repeat pattern on your left side.


Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrust 1 Hip Thrust 2

This booty building exercise is very simple. Sit on the floor with your feet flat in front of you and your palms just behind you.

Lift your hips off the floor until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Lower back to start. Repeat.

Make it Easier: Do a glute bridge with your shoulders on the floor.

Make it Harder: Perform single-leg hip thrusts.


Curtsey-to-Reverse Lunge

Curtsey-to-Reverse Lunge 1 Curtsey-to-Reverse Lunge 2

Start out standing with your legs hip-width apart. Step your right foot behind your left at a diagonal.  Then, keeping your left knee bent, bring your left directly into a reverse lunge stance behind you in a straight line. Repeat.


Front Lunge Kicks

Front Lunge Kick 1 Front Lunge Kick 2

Standing with feet together, step your right leg into a front lunge, press through your front heel and perform a small kick before bringing your right leg back to start. Keep your back heel lifted off the floor until you come back to start.


Single-leg Deadlifts

Single-leg Deadlift 1 Single-leg Deadlift 2

Start out with feet together, then hinge forward from your hips, balancing on your left leg. Your right leg should be behind you, just like a see-saw.

Keeping your knee slightly bent, return to your upright position. And bring your right leg back towards the ground as you lift your torso back to start.

Make it Easier: Perform a hip hinge with both feet on the floor.

Make it Harder: Place your hands overhead for the entire movement.


Moves that Sculpt Strong Arms

Downdog Pushups

Downdog Push Up 1 Downdog Push Up 2

Start out in down dog position. Lower your head towards the floor using your elbows. This will be a small movement. Straighten your elbows to return to start.

Make it Harder: Alternate extending one leg in the air while performing each pushup.


Shoulder Tap Plank

Shoulder Tap Plank 1 Shoulder Tap Plank 2

Get a plank position, on your wrists, with your abs engaged. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Keeping your hips stable, reach your right hand up and across to tap your shoulder. Bring it back to start. Then touch your right shoulder with your left hand, and bring it back to start. Repeat.


Tricep Dips

Tricep Dip 1 Tricep Dip 2

Start in tabletop position. Bend your elbows to bring your body towards the mat, then press through your palms to return to the start. Repeat.

Make it Harder: Keep one leg lifted while doing a triceps dip.



Pushup 1 Pushup 2

Alright, you know the drill. This may be a tough exercise, but it gets results.

Start in a plank position on your knees or toes. Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the ground. Go as low as you can. Press into your mat to straighten your elbows back to the starting position. Keep your abs engaged through the entire movement.


Moves that Work Your Core from Every Angle


Let’s tame that muffin top!

Lie facedown on your mat with your arms and legs in an “x” shape. Draw in your abs and exhale to lift your arms and legs off the floor together.

Lower back to the start. Repeat.

Make it Easier: Lift both arms together, lower, and then lift both legs together then lower.




Here’s another great exercise to tone your love handles.

Lie on your tummy with arms and legs extended. Lift your right arm and left leg together. Lower them back to start.

Then, lift your left arm and right leg together and lower them back to start. Continue alternating sides.


Plank to Downdog

Plank to Downdog 1 Plank to Downdog 2

Start in plank position, with your body in a line from head to heels. Now, push your hips behind you until your body is in downdog. Then bring your head in front of your hands again back to plank. Repeat.


Side Plank Dips

 Side Plank Dip 1 Side Plank Dip 2

Lie on your side, with your feet stacked and your elbow directly underneath your shoulder.

Squeeze your obliques to lift your bottom hip off the floor. Be sure to keep your hips stable through the whole movement.

Slowly lower your bottom hip towards the ground. Repeat. Then change sides.

Make it Easier: Do this exercise in a modified side plank on your knees.


Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back, with your legs extended towards the ceiling. Lift one leg towards the ceiling and lower the other towards the floor quickly. Repeat.

Be sure to keep your lower back pressed into your mat, with your hands under your hips if necessary.


The Perfect Workout Surface

These exercises are great for anyone that wants to get in shape but doesn’t want to deal with a lot of equipment.

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25 No-Equipment Exercises for Your Next Home Workout Infographic

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