7 Home Workout Myths That Need to be Busted

7 Home Workout Myths That Need to be Busted

September 26, 2018

Getting in a home workout is a great idea for those short on time and money, and yes, even for those who’d like a little more privacy.

Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions about home workouts that are really misleading when it comes to the level of results and the amount of things you need to get in a great home workout.

Here are 7 home workout myths that need to be busted.


Myth 1: You need a designated home gym.

Many people give up on the idea of working out at home because they don’t have a solitary space they can devote solely to exercising.

This is simply not the case. The reality is that you can convert almost any space into a home workout area with a really durable mat like our Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat.

And there are lots of workouts and exercises and workouts that can be modified for small spaces to give you plenty of options.


Myth 2: You need a lot of gym equipment.

While a workout at the gym can involve a lot of different machines, barbells, and other fitness gear, a home workout doesn’t have to.

You can get fit at home with little or no equipment and still get results. In fact, a few sets of weights, an exercise ball, a few resistance bands, and a Gorilla Mat are all you need to get great results.

In fact, many home exercisers love the challenge of being creative and researching new exercises to try.


Myth 3: You won’t be able to do cardio.

Let’s say you don’t have the space or the money to invest in an elliptical. No sweat! Just kidding.

You can still sweat out those cardio sessions using dance and boot camp drills to help you get in great shape and possibly even get sweatier than you would on a gym machine.

You can even get outside to do your cardio sessions when the weather allows. That fresh air and change of scenery will ultimately help you relax and enjoy your workouts rather than dread them.


Myth 4: You need to have a lot of knowledge.

Even the newest beginner to exercise can get in a safe and effective workout.

Hire an online personal trainer to explain basic exercise technique so you can understand how to correctly perform an exercise (and prevent injury). A certified fitness professional will help you understand your goals and the steps you’ll need to take in order to reach them.

Some personal trainers will even travel to you for a couple of sessions while you learn basic exercise technique. also has a great library of exercise videos for free to help you understand the muscle groups that each exercise targets as well as basic technique.


Myth 5: Working out at home will get boring.

There are many different styles of workouts and workout programs that can be done at home.

Dance, weights, kettlebells, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, barre, and bootcamp workouts can all be done in your own living room.

There are also lots of video workouts that you can try to change up your routine. Some exercisers enjoy being able to do a workout along with people on a DVD and say that it makes their workout fly by.


Myth 6: You have to work out alone.

The reality is that working out at home can provide as little or as much privacy as you need. While your workouts will be safe from awkward gawkers, it doesn’t mean you have to workout alone.

You can invite friends or family to join your workout as often as you like without having to worry about an overcrowded gym space.


Myth 7: You’ll be uncomfortable.

Those shock-absorbing floors in the gym make all those plyometrics moves and mat exercises way more doable and comfortable.

And for some, the idea of having to use a regular thin exercise mat doesn’t sound like fun. Besides, no one wants to tear up their floors.

You won’t have to sacrifice your floors for a great workout with our Premium Extra Large Gorilla Mat. They have a thick, protective layer on the top to make them extra durable and a unique circular tread on the bottom that keeps them from moving.

Our exercise mats are also extra thick, so they’ll be gentle on your joints, no matter how many planks and burpees you power through in a workout.


Home Workouts = Better Workouts

Working out at home can give you lots of variety with minimal equipment and allows you to train at your own pace without any awkward bystanders.

Here at Team Gorilla Mats, we are strong believers that home workouts are better in every way

To get your space ready for your best workouts, grab our Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat today!

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